Emirates News Agency – UAE presented an innovative global model in empowering young people: Federal Youth Authority


DUBAI, 15th July, 2020 (WAM) — Saeed Mohammed Al Nazari, Director-General of the Federal Youth Authority, FYA, and Chief Strategy Officer at the Arab Youth Centre, stressed that the UAE has presented an innovative global model in empowering young people and providing them with skills that qualify them to deal with all future requirements.

“Skills are the primary tool for young people today to face challenges and refine their capabilities,” he said.

“This also serves develop operations across all sectors and supports governments in their directions towards leadership and excellence in their performance.”

In his statement to mark World Youth Skills Day 2020, Al Nazari indicated that the interest in youth and providing them with opportunities has become a priority and an urgent necessity for all governments, seeing as young people are the means by which they can drive development and progress in any community. He lauded the UAE leadership for the close attention it gives to the youth and for providing them with all the capabilities that enable them to leave their mark in global forums.

He explained that providing the youth with skills was a major goal the UAE aspired to.

“It is a major focus of the National Youth Agenda, as well as the various initiatives and events launched by the Federal Youth Authority and the Arab Youth Centre,” he noted.

“The FYA is committed to providing young people with practical and scientific knowledge, in addition to providing them with life and future skills. Skills and knowledge will remain the means that enable young people to achieve their aspirations and be an effective force in their societies.”

“The Youth 101 initiative, for instance, seeks to establish a solid knowledge base among young people about various topics and future trends, all the while empowering them and teaching them about the UAE Government by means of interactive videos that cover various sectors in the UAE,” he continued.

He indicated that the initiatives launched by the Arab Youth Centre witnessed wide participation since their inception and until today, with more than 22,000 young men and women from various Arab countries benefitting from it.

WAM/MOHD AAMIR/Hassan Bashir


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