Emirates News Agency – TRA participates in SAMENA Telecommunications Council Leaders’ Summit


DUBAI, 9th July, 2020 (WAM) — The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, TRA, participated in the Leaders’ Summit organised by SAMENA Telecommunications Council under the slogan “5G+x: Harnessing 5G Across Industries for Investment Revival”, with the participation of many ICT industry leaders and experts.

The Leaders’ Summit, hosted in Dubai, aimed to shed light on the ways and means by which 5G networks can support investments in various sectors such as transportation, health care, education, utilities, financial services, energy and others, and create a new socio-economic momentum in all aspects of life in a safe, integrated, smart and useful manner.

In the summit’s opening, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director-General, said, “The last few months have taught us many valuable lessons. Today, it became clear that the most prominent change affecting the people’s lifestyle, production methods, management and daily life is supported by ICT. Pandemics are not new to the human race, and with every pandemic, people mobilise their defences to preserve life, relying on health, security and defence sectors. However, it is the first time in history that the telecommunications sector has become a critical element in the battle for life.”

Al Mansoori emphasised that the UAE was fully prepared to face the challenge, based on the strength of the telecommunications infrastructure and the efficiency of its human cadres. He added, “We had a smooth transition towards the implementation of alternative plans that included the application of distance learning, working from home, online government services, as well as doing business via digital platforms. Additionally, our key to success was working as one, government and operators, to ensure the continuity of life and business during this emergency.”

The summit, which was held virtually, focused on the successful use of 5G in various sectors, and harnessing 5G in the process of reviving investment, sharing successful experiences in this field and promoting cooperation between industrial companies that use or could use 5G to achieve strategic advantages in the commercial as well as humanitarian aspects. The speakers also stressed the need to foster a new culture of cooperation and decision-making to accelerate digital development in various fields.

The importance of this year’s summit comes in light of the increasing reliance on digital communication tools and its role in activating new levels of cooperation among different sectors, as ICT companies and entities can explore new business areas using 5G over the next decade, to support the achievement of national digital visions, and thus contributing to reviving investment and economic flows, and making progress in sustainable development goals.

The participants emphasised the role of 5G in enabling the development of cities and societies to a more digitally interconnected world. They highlighted the enormous capabilities that can be achieved by combining 5G with other technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, and how this can contribute to building digital economies in the Middle East.

The UAE is ranked first in the Arab Region and fourth globally in the launch and use of 5G networks, according to the Global Connectivity Index (The Connectivity Index), issued by Carphone Warehouse, specialised in technology benchmarking. This achievement is the result of the great efforts made by the ICT sector in general, and TRA in particular as the main driver for the launch of 5G in the country. TRA, in recent years, has cooperated with the operators to raise the telecom sector’s readiness to introduce this modern technology in the UAE in order to achieve the UAE’s global leadership in the deployment and operation of 5G.


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