Emirates News Agency – ADHA makes headway in adopting AI technologies


ABU DHABI, 7th July 2020 (WAM) -The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) has reported that it has achieved a quantum leap in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies by launching its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system, a form of AI technology and one of the most important technical systems adopted by the Authority to develop and improve its services.

The RPA system has yielded remarkable results in the fields of business development and improvement, resulting in higher productivity, optimised operational efficiency, and an increase in the number of completed transactions.

Additionally, the RPA system contributes to a further increase of 88% in application processing each month as in that time it can handle more than 4,500 requests while an employee can handle only 2,400 requests per month during working hours.

Among many proposed innovation initiatives, the Authority has applied the RPA system to reduce effort, time, and costs of the process of reviewing housing applications, automatically verifying their compliance with eligibility conditions and requirements and thereby contributing to improving customer satisfaction with the services provided, cutting delivery times, increasing accuracy and quality in the proceedings, and avoiding human error.

Speaking on the announcement, Sultan Muhammad Al Khumairi, Acting Executive Director of Support Services Sector at ADHA, said: “The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system, which limits human intervention and simulates human tasks, is an outcome of the Authority’s tireless and continuous efforts to keep pace with the latest technological developments in the AI field. The application of this system reflects the Authority’s interest in leveraging modern technologies and using them in its important development initiatives in order to improve performance and promote the Authority’s role in achieving the objectives for which it was established, boosting operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by speeding up their transactions.”

Al Khumairi confirmed that the RPA system has contributed to reducing time and effort, upgrading operational efficiency, redirecting employee’s efforts to perform and deliver more important and more sensitive tasks, and allowing employees to create innovative ideas that contribute to business development and reduce operational costs.

Alanood Al Mazrouei, Strategic Planning & Organizational Excellence Director, Chairman of Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence Committee at ADHA, said: “The implementation of future strategies and digital transformation to forge the future contributes to strengthening our capacities, employing modern and innovative technologies, and consolidating concepts to develop housing services for the public. The Authority will also be integrating modern governance into the technologies of open, smart, and big data between now and 2030, in line with the vision and directives of the wise leadership to use AI technologies.”

Al Mazrouei added that ADHA’s strategic direction to adopt innovative AI technologies enhances its approach to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of work performance, enabling it to carry out its business optimally, accurately, at minimum cost and using fewer resources, allowing our UAE national employees to focus on more important and beneficial tasks which will enhance their performance and achieve business goals.

Al Mazrouei also noted that ADHA is developing projects that aim to enhance the level of housing applications’ management; this includes predictions of future demand and the development of strategies and scenarios that support decision-making on housing projects, in order to meet the needs and expectations of the citizens of Abu Dhabi.

Ahmed Al Hameli, Acting Director of Housing Units Allocation at ADHA, explained that the system will also include monitoring and organising all housing applications consistently throughout the day by using a dedicated system with automatic alerts on any changes in applications in accordance with the customers’ needs, instead of their having to be reviewed manually by the staff.

Al Hameli stressed that in order to enhance the qualities of excellence in providing and improving smart services in the RPA system, the Authority will use enhanced data analysis for identifying cases, thereby contributing to creating an innovative work environment, enhancing the promptness and accuracy of responses, and strengthening the housing services staff’s competence in using modern technologies.

The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority seeks to provide social stability and promote happiness among all citizens in Abu Dhabi through the housing services it offers, and urges all of its customers to complete their applications electronically.


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