WCO: Dubai Customs is an example that should be followed globally

News Of Emirates – The World Customs Organization has recently applauded the advanced procedures and services Dubai Customs delivers to its clients. 

Ricardo Treviño Chapa, Deputy Secretary General of the World Customs Organization stated in his recent visit to Dubai Customs that the Department plays a noticeable part in developing customs work globally. 

The customs work system and methodology in Dubai Customs is a leading example that needs to be followed by other customs organizations in the world, he said. 

Chapa cited Mirsal 2 as a successful system that deserves to be presented before international conferences so that other customs departments learn from it. 

On the sidelines of the WCO Global Communication Strategies Conference which concluded in Brussels, Belgium on 9 October 2019, WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya said hosting the 5th edition of the WCO Global AEO Conference will take place in Dubai  from 10 to 12 March 2020 is an indication of the world-class level that Dubai Customs reached in all aspects.

The World Customs Organization has also confirmed in its Columbus Program that Dubai Customs enjoys a full-integrated strategy and a clear vision enriched with numerous smart initiatives. This has encouraged the WCO experts to consider Dubai Customs as a role model locally, regionally and globally. 

In its report, the WCO stated that Dubai Customs works seriously in line with the WCO vision of supporting legitimate trade and securing borders. 

Through its magazine, the WCO has highlighted the major role played by Dubai Customs in advancing the customs field, citing some impressive projects including the Virtual Corridor, Ideclare and the launch of the Authorized Economic Operator. 

Dubai Customs announced major upgrades on its smart risk engine which raise predicative capabilities by 80%. The AI Predictive Risk Engine uses machine learning algorithms into customs vertical systems to improve time spent by Dubai Customs executing legitimate declarations by implementing modules in risk prediction, fraud detection, valuation price assessment, HS CODE Classification, and exception automation.

Dubai Customs developed a number of programs and applications that facilitated work and reduced the time needed by clients to clear their shipments. These include Mirsal 2, Smart Risk Engine, and Smart Workspace Platform. Dubai Customs has also launched the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) which has seen rapid growth and development since its official launch under the aegis of the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) in October 2016. The AEO program helped catapult the UAE to top the world’s Efficiency of Customs Procedures Index at the annual report of the Global Competitiveness.

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