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Amazon is reportedly pouring resources into its home robot and a better Echo – CNET


Amazon may be putting extra resources into its secret home robot project.

Amazon is putting more engineers to work on its home robot, a secret project we got hints about last year, Bloomberg reported. The project goes by the codename "Vesta," but the robot isn't at the stage where it can be mass-produced.

It's waist-high and moves around using computer-vision cameras, and may be a mobile version of Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, according to Bloomberg, which cited anonymous sources who were familiar with the project.

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The e-commerce giant will also release an upgraded version of its Echo speaker, which is apparently being developed at the same Sunnyvale, California, lab as Vesta, the report noted. It's seemingly wider than the current Echo, to fit the additional components.

Amazon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.


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