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Breakbulk Middle East 2022 set to offer project cargo business opportunities

DUBAI, 12th January, 2022 (WAM) — The 2022 edition of Breakbulk Middle East (BBME), the region's largest event for project cargo and breakbulk industry, has piqued the interest of local and global industry stakeholders and attendees. Such support bolsters the event’s prominent reputation and reinforces its importance in driving the progress of the UAE’s and GCC’s thriving breakbulk sector.

Held under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the event is scheduled to take place on 1st and 2nd February 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. With a strategic vision to aid the UAE’s and the region’s diversified and sustainable economy, BBME will add immense value by facilitating key collaborations during the event. Additionally, the event also hopes to elevate the trade and logistics sectors in the UAE by underpinning the country’s pioneering efforts that have been instrumental in its recent re-election to the Council of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in the Category B membership. The event has thus garnered the support of the region’s top transport and logistics leaders, the UAE government and its top educational institutions.

Hessa Al Malek, Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs, UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, stated, "As a major contributor to the UAE’s economy, the breakbulk sector is one of the most promising sectors in the country and will continue to hold its leading status, both locally and regionally. In the UAE, we owe our success to the top-notch infrastructure of our ports and the investments made by various organisations in adopting cutting-edge technologies. We have consistently worked to ensure that we provide the best ports and shipping infrastructure for the smooth functioning of the project cargo sector. Hence, our ports have the ability to handle huge volumes of cargo. In 2020, the UAE received 25,000 port calls and our ports handled over 19 million TEU’s. We are now looking to capitalise on these figures in the coming year despite the progressing COVID-19 crisis. We are confident that industry events like BBME will prompt an uptick in business and the post-COVID-19 era will be marked by a strong rebound."

Since the onset of the global pandemic, the project cargo industry in the UAE and the Middle East Region has been on a look out for new growth opportunities. As the industry prepares for a period of recovery, professionals worldwide agree that Breakbulk Middle East is a must-attend event. As one of the leading GCC events, BBME since its inception has been providing visitors and exhibitors an unparalleled experience, facilitating interactions that act as a gateway to future collaborations.

Capt. Mohamed Al Ali, Senior Vice President, Ship Management for ADNOC Logistics and Services, said, "BBME has gathered a lot of expertise from the industry. It's also a very good opportunity for us to network and meet each other and exchange a lot of information. So, I'm quite happy that this event is going to be back.

Breakbulk Middle East Advisory Board member Mohammed Jaber, Chief Operating Officer Abu Dhabi, Managing Director Air and Sea, DSV, said, "I've been attending Breakbulk Middle East since the beginning. Our company finds value during the event by conducting meetings and learning the views of market leaders. We are there to find solutions and to make sure that we are on the right track from an industry point of view, not only as freight forwarders, but as competitors and clients. It's about the code of our business and how we can develop it, address changes on the market, adapt to them, and ultimately, give our end users what they want."

Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail Farag, President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, said, "The last few years have revealed that the industry is in dire need for a highly-skilled workforce. At AASTS, we take pride in being able to bridge the talent gap in the industry by offering the required training and guidance to students and industry professionals. Our long-standing association with BBME has further helped us in the endeavour of spreading awareness about the logistics sector and the several opportunities in it. This year, in the capacity of sponsor and exhibitor, we hope to inspire and encourage students to be a part of this vital sector."

Ben Blamire, Event Director of Breakbulk Middle East said, "Breakbulk Middle East is one of the first major industry events of 2022. It is indeed a great opportunity for stakeholders to boost the position of their company and showcase their capabilities in front of the region’s most influential project cargo decision-makers. Several major ports and terminals, project forwarders, maritime transport providers, equipment and road transporters from the region will be a part of the event that will highlight opportunities in the sector. With over 4,000 industry professionals and key leaders in attendance, the event will provide a platform to drive change in the industry through collaborations and partnerships."

Featuring panellists from across the board, the 2022 edition will host key discussions about the developments in the industry. BBME’s recognised initiatives Women in Breakbulk and Education Day are also part of the comprehensive agenda.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) expressed its sincere condolences to Pakistan and Afghanistan and their peoples, as well as to the families of the victims of this tragedy. It also wished the injured a speedy recovery.

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UK publishes roadmap for reaching tech superpower status by 2030

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The UK, guided by four principles – to be open, responsible, secure and resilient – will shape the future of technology in a way that promotes its use positively, and drives innovation and UK tech leadership, while boosting its security from new and emerging threats.

The UK Government will work closely with Governments, academia and industry to leverage the UK’s world-leading strengths in technology through international partnerships with established and emerging science and technology powerhouse nations.

The Prime Minister has made growing the economy, creating better paid jobs and opportunity across the country, one of his five priorities. Investing in the UK's thriving tech sector will directly contribute to that. The sector was worth US$1 trillion in 2022, and the UK is home to more than 85,000 start-ups and scale-ups. More investment was generated in the UK tech sector last year than in France and Germany combined, creating and sustaining high quality jobs around the country.

The International Tech Strategy will boost growth in this sector, strengthening the country's position on the world stage while forging long-term links that will promote the UK as place for investment and collaboration in the technologies of the future.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said, “Now more than ever, it is important that the UK steps up to promote British tech excellence worldwide.”

He added that this strategy will help deliver on the UK's ambition to be a tech superpower by 2030, backing UK businesses and helping the country solve the challenges of tomorrow through innovation and international collaboration.

Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan said, “We are a top-class breeding ground for emerging tech, but being a superpower means working with our international partners to turn these nascent technologies into global industries."

Donelan added, “Our International Tech Strategy will ensure we deepen collaboration with our allies on the technologies of tomorrow, driving growth and prosperity for the UK while strengthening our national security.”

As part of the strategy, the UK will also work with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Global Forum on Technology to engage with the international community on how to better use technology.

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