Emirates Down Sundrome Association And University of Strathclyde – Business School Abu Dhabi

News of Emirates – Strategic Consulting in practice (SCIP) workshop

MBA Students and tutor Dr. Katerina Nicolopoulou support Emirates Down Syndrome Association with a successful Strategic Consulting in practice (SCIP) workshop which will provide insight into issues, challenges and opportunities that help in creating strategies needed for the future.

MBA Students provide a strategic consulting plan

The Alumni worked on a program based on collaborative learning where work experience, knowledge, understanding and applicable skills are shared, worked with and reflected on the plans designed to EDSA.

This methodology is considered as one of the most innovative business schools in Europe.

Alumni provide EDSA with a strategic analysis and recommendations for sustainable resources.

Alumni hard work for 3 days, resulted in fruitful, informative and worthwhile plans.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Emirates Down Syndrome Association EDSA, Director Salma Kan’an thanked the University of Strathclyde Business School in Abu Dhabi and MBA Students, for their support in providing EDSA with a Strategic Review and Improvement Road Map that will help in our plans.

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