Val Kilmer: Actually, I don’t have cancer

'Top Gun' star refutes claim of Michael Douglas, but says he did have lump in his throat

Why your FB friends are checking in at Standing Rock

Protesters are using a new weapon in their push to block the Dakota Access Pipeline: Facebook.

Cell phones, screens are keeping your kid awake

These days, teachers often face classrooms filled with yawning students who stayed up late snapping selfies or playing online games.

Wild Electronics in Norwegian Nature

How can art—specifically art created by electronic elements of light and sound—enhance a natural environment? How can man-made creations become part of a landscape in such a way that honours and interacts with the inherent beauty of that landscape? How can a symbiotic relationship between a wild forest and wild electronics generate an alternative and engulfing multi-sensory experience for viewers, transforming the forest into a stage while at the same time transforming wires and light diodes into components of the natural world in which they are placed?

A New Snap in the Travel Industry

The travel industry already dominates the digital domain in the form of travel blogs, online booking sites, countless online magazines, an undeniable presence on social media, and the list goes on and on. These travel mediums bring viewers the world at their fingertips, and right now the biggest trend in the travel digital domain is documenting and experiencing the world via Snapchat.

Top of the wish list: why Christmas cruising is more popular than ever

Those looking for a Christmas getaway to remember are opting to go by sea more than ever before. Leading travel retailer has reported a recent surge in interest for Christmas and New Year cruises, with bookings for the 2016/17 season already selling out.

Rodchenko’s ‘Construction No.95’ seen fetching up to $4.3 million at auction

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Alexander Rodchenko's 1919 avant-garde artwork “Construction No.95” will lead an auction of Russian art in London this month, where it is seen fetching up to $4.3 million.

Michelin dishes stars to 26 Chicago restaurants

(Reuters) – Michelin said on Wednesday it awarded its coveted stars to 26 Chicago restaurants in the latest edition of its dining guide that will be launched on Dec. 7, up from 22 in last year's…

Kenyan conservationists to track elephant ‘corridors’ between parks

AMBOSELI, Kenya (Reuters) – Scientists in Kenya are fitting radio collars on elephants to help secure the “corridors” they use between national parks, part of a conservation drive that has seen the…

UAE’s tax regime: The need of the hour

Creating of a Federal Tax Authority is the logical next step in seeing it through